Future of Dentistry May Include 3-D Printing

stratasys 3d printerA top provider of 3-D printing Stratasys recently developed a 3-D printing machine that could change the digital dentistry market. The new Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage 3D Printer, to dental and orthodontics labs to offer more efficient and affordable dental solutions. The Printer is compatible is compatible with many dental materials including VeroDent, VeroDentPlus and Veroglaze.

As new and exciting innovations like this hit the market we believe in the future we will see a decrease in cost for cosmetic dentistry procedures and complicated oral procedures. These advancements will also give the dental practice quicker turn around times and lower costs that will be passed on to patients.

Avi Cohen, the director of global dental at Stratasys explained, “As our most versatile 3D printing solution for the dental sector to date, this new 3d printer meets a broad range of application needs that demand delicate features or fine and complex details, while offering low cost of ownership.”

This new printer has a wide range of applications and oral health capabilities and can be used for stone models, surgical guides, delivery trays and veneers or dentures, according to Stratasys. The machine is only the size of a standard copy machine so it has a small footprint in office. Ideally the machine will be used to make more accurate veneer and denture try-ins that match the color and mold of an individual’s teeth. This will make it possible for dentists and orthodontists to reach a new standard in recreating teeth and add to overall efficiency.

At Martindale Dental we strive to bring the latest in technology to our facilities we are excited to see new advancements like this on the horizon. Each year we are seeing great strides in dental care advancements. At this point it is still to early for us to offer this product at our facility we are keeping an eye on all new advancements.

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