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photo of a woman in a white tank top holding her jaw in pain

How your dentist can help treat jaw pain

SHARE Jaw pain can be a nuisance and significantly impact your daily life. It can stem from various sources and might indicate underlying issues that need

woman wondering why her teeth are patchy after a teeth whitening treatment

Why Do My Teeth Have White Stains After Whitening?

Our patients are almost unanimously thrilled with their teeth after a whitening but there is one main thing we get asked about after the treatment is complete. That is why their teeth show patchy or streaky white marks immediately after whitening. Let us explain why the is.

The Benefits of a Good Cosmetic Dentist

Learn how a cosmetic dentist focuses on improving the look of your smile through a variety of procedures including veneers, fillings, teeth whitening, and dental implants

March 5, 2023
woman pointing to her amazing smile she got from a cosmetic dentist