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man yawning in the mirror about to brush his teeth after reading our article about tooth care for lazy people

Tooth Care for Lazy People

SHARE As dentists, we have patients constantly apologizing, justifying, and making excuses for not caring for their teeth to the fullest extent.  Listen, we get it,

image of dentures with a cigarette dangling between the teeth as the featured image for our article on how to keep teeth white even if you smoke

How to keep teeth white even if you smoke

SHARE Smoking is widely acknowledged as detrimental to overall health, but its specific impact on oral health is often underestimated. From a dentist’s perspective, the consequences

woman with a mouthguard in her hand can tell you how to stop grinding your teeth

How to stop grinding your teeth

SHARE The incessant sound and uncomfortable soreness of teeth grinding can be more than just a noisy disturbance; it can be a sign of a common

The Benefits of a Good Cosmetic Dentist

Learn how a cosmetic dentist focuses on improving the look of your smile through a variety of procedures including veneers, fillings, teeth whitening, and dental implants

March 5, 2023
woman pointing to her amazing smile she got from a cosmetic dentist