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Dentures are an appliance which can be inserted in the mouth to replace natural teeth while providing support for your lips and cheeks. A lot of dentures are made from acrylic. These acrylic dentures can be fabricated two different ways.

A conventional denture is made after all the teeth have been removed and the gum tissues have healed while an immediate denture is created and inserted directly after your teeth are removed. With the immediate denture, the gums heal under the denture.
An upper acrylic denture is usually fresh colored to match your appearance and covers the roof of your mouth. A lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe so it can leave room for your tongue.

The teeth used in the denture can be made up of plastic, porcelain, or both. Dentures can be created to fit over endodontically treated teeth. It can also be attached to dental implants which will allow a better and more secure fit.

As the alignment of your jaw changes over time, dentures will eventually start to see some wear and tear and might need to be replaced or realigned in order to keep the alignment of your jaw normal. Over time, the alignment will slowly change when the bone and gum ridges start to shrink or recede because of the initial extraction of your teeth. Make sure to visit the dentist regularly as examinations for denture wearers are important to ensure that oral tissues can be checked for disease or other ailments.


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