It’s that time of year again, September, when the kids go back to school and us parents get some free time to (hopefully) enjoy.  There’s lots of traditions and routines surrounding the first day of school but not many are as important and valuable as getting a dental checkup for your loved ones.

Our dentists at Martindale recommend bringing your children to one of our clinic locations for a professional cleaning and a good once over with an expert.  Now’s the time because once school is back in full swing, schedules fill up quickly and it’s often tough to make the time.  It’s never a good idea to take your kids out for a day when they should be learning and socializing.  Not to mention all the extracurricular activities and other school stuff that happens too.  Getting an appointment with the dentist out of the way before the madness begins is the best way to ensuring your kids teeth are clean and their smiles are ready to dazzle.

The importance of dental check-ups for kids

There are four main reasons that you should bring your youngster by the office for a checkup.  Let’s find out what they are.

Start fresh

It’s best if your child starts the new year of with a clean slate in terms of oral health.  That means having an oral health exam and a professional cleaning.  Whether it’s cavities, loose teeth or even signs of gum disease, early detection is the key to hassle free problem solving that’s easiest on your wallet.  Last thing you want is a child with tooth pain or a less than perfect smile that they might end up feeling self conscious about. 

Preventing problems

Routine exams and bi-annual (preferably more often than that) cleanings are the most useful way to stay ahead of potential dental concerns.  The way children’s teeth are growing and potentially unrefined or sporadic cleaning habits, leave them susceptible to issues like plaque build-up, cavities, loose or missing teeth and orthodontic issues.  Figuring out what needs addressing before it really becomes a problem is the ideal way to handle any oral health care mishap.

Don’t make your kids miss school

While some kids would love to have the day off, most won’t want to spend it at the dentist’s office.  We’d also hate for your kids to miss out on the fun times and knowledge they could be gaining at school just because of an appointment.  Weekday or weekend visits to the dentist during school season are also often a bigger hassle for parents to organize.  Clean teeth are important but so is school, especially for youngsters.

This goes for adults too, who often have trouble taking the day off work themselves.  Dental checkups are necessary but there’s easy and more difficult ways to plan them.

Good overall health

Oral health problems like cavities and gum disease have been shown to decrease our bodies overall health, increasing the risk of heart disease and other illnesses.  In kids especially, untreated cavities and tooth decay can quickly lead to infections and malnutrition.  It’s also important to make sure young teeth are growing correctly so that problems with bite alignment and jaw pain can be avoided.  Healthy teeth make for a healthy life, and what’s more important than that.

Your child’s well-being is of the utmost importance to all the staff at our clinics and we’re always happy to provide a fun, easy appointment for youngsters.  Our offices are well-equipped and experienced in all aspects of children’s dentistry so as parents, you don’t need to worry.  If your child is anxious about visiting the dentist, let our staff know and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate a hassle and tear free appointment.  To book an appointment, call your preferred Martindale Dental clinic location or use the form on our contact page to get in touch.

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