Are Clear Braces Effective?

Are Clear Braces Effective?

Gimmick or smile changer?  How effective are clear braces from Clear Correct at straightening your smile?

When patients come into our clinic asking about the easiest way for them to get a straighter, more beautiful smile, the first thing we recommend is clear aligner braces from Clear Correct.  You’ve probably heard of this type of teeth straightening treatment by now because it seems that advertisements are everywhere.  Well, take it from us, the hype is real.  So many of our patients have chosen to go with clear braces instead of regular wired metal braces and the results they’ve achieved are incredible.  Going back to the ads, you’ll likely find clear braces on Facebook, Google or most places online, and a name that typically stands out is the brand Invisalign.  Here at Martindale Dental in St. Catharines or Burlington we’re partnered with another just as reputable name – ClearCorrect.  This company provides clear braces, clear aligners, invisible braces – whatever you want to call them – that are the same as Invisalign but seem to work better for us.  Now that the branding is out of the way, we can get down to figuring out how effective these clear braces actually are.

First, some background on clear braces

Braces (in one form or another) are an important part of modern dental care, especially when it comes to aligning and straightening a patient’s teeth. Unfortunately, nobody likes to wear them.  This goes for both clear braces and traditional braces, even though there is a night and day difference between the two types. 

Metal braces are a real hassle to deal with for patients.  They are difficult to install and are then permanently affixed so patients cannot remove them to eat or clean their teeth.  Traditional metal braces can also be quite painful, cutting up the gums until the patient is used to them.  Cleaning is a nightmare and they’re unsightly to boot.  Luckily, dental technology has advanced and these ugly, clunky braces are in most cases a thing of the past.  Most patients, or those with moderate to mild alignment issues are now able to opt for clear braces that are much, much simpler and easier to wear.  That’s why clear braces have been dubbed “The Easiest way to straighten teeth.”  Even though not all patients can be treated with clear aligner braces, the majority of them can, and that’s amazing news. 

Clear braces offer so many advantages over traditional metal braces it’s hard to overlook them.  Clear braces are comparatively very comfortable to wear, like comfy slippers vs. stiletto heels.  They are nearly invisible with no metal posts or wires to blemish your smile, and clear aligners can be removed to eat so they’re a breeze to keep clean.  Also, the number of fitting and adjustment appointments that are required is way less than with metal braces, so you wont have to visit us as often.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  You decide. 

ClearCorrect clear braces are customized to fit each persons individual smile and will gently move teeth into their proper positions through a series of custom designed aligner trays (the braces) until the patient progresses to a straight, corrected smile.

Are clear braces effective?

For most patients, or at least those with mild to moderate teeth alignment problems, clear braces work like a charm.  Clear braces are a really effective option for a straighter smile and they can get it done in as little as 6 months.  To get started, patients visit our office for a consultation and to have impressions of their teeth taken.  These impressions are sent out to the ClearCorrect lab so that the custom clear aligner trays can be fabricated.  Then the patient wears the clear braces all the time, only removing them to eat and perform their oral hygiene routine.  While appointments are minimal, we do recommend patients visit us for check ups to ensure the process is moving along correctly.  A package from ClearCorrect comes with multiple clear braces that function in series to progressively move teeth into their proper alignments.  Once the treatment plan has been completed, patients are advised to wear a maintenance pair of clear braces overnight while they sleep to ensure that the alignment does not revert back to crooked. 

Speaking with our patients, we find that ClearCorrect braces make all the differences in the world when it comes to treating the alignment of their teeth, and once the treatment plan is finished, our patients express a whole new level of confidence and willingness to smile.  To us as dentists, this is the aspect of our professions that brings us the most joy and we’re happy to see our patients smile like never before.

If you are unhappy with your smile and think clear braces might be an option, please contact our office to find out if clear braces from ClearCorrect are right for you.

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