Pre Operative Surgical Instructions

Pre Operative Surgical Instructions in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

This page is designed to help patients prepare for preoperative surgery. Surgery can be a scary experience but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what to expect and being well prepared can go along way in helping the recovery process. If you have any questions regarding your surgery or any of the preoperative procedures, feel free to contact us at any time.

Both your pre and post operative prescriptions should be in your hands and filled out prior to the surgery. This will make receiving them much easier. It is also important to bring your prescriptions to the appointment.

Depending on the specific procedure it may be necessary to stop taking medication such as aspirin and nonsteroidals seven to ten days before the procedure. This includes motrin and advil. If you are currently on blood thinners like coumadin, don’t forget to stop taking them when directed to. If you require antibiotics prior to surgery do not forget to take them as directed. Unlike other surgeries, coming with a full stomach can help. Our office is cool so dress appropriately, feel free to bring your own music if it helps keep you relaxed.

To ensure that your recovery is going smoothly we will need to see you for weekly checkups for the first one to five weeks depending on the procedure. In most instances you will need to schedule a periodontal cleaning and examination to maintain the work that has been done, about 10-12 weeks after the surgery.


It is critical that you notify our office if you have sensitivities or allergies to any antibiotics. You will only be prescribed antibiotics if your doctor believes them to be required. Make sure you take them as directed until you run out. To prevent nausea you should consume them with food. If you are a woman who is currently on birth control pills it is important to note that antibiotics may have a negative effect on the birth control.


If you choose to use, Ativan, Valium, or Triazolam, you must have transportation home from our office. These can be powerful and it is not safe to drive after consuming them.

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