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When the gingiva recedes the body can have its defences weakened against fending off bacteria and trauma. If gum recession is a serious issue one of the options available to solve the problem is known as gum reconstruction surgery.

Minor gum recession will not demand surgery. When there is only minor recession there are usually still some healthy gingiva that is able to protect the tooth. This means no reconstructive surgery is required. But when the gum recession reaches and exposes the mucosa, your body has effectively lots its first defensive mechanism against bacteria.

Gum recession will commonly cause root sensitivity. This sensitivity will make both cold and hot foods unpleasant and even painful to eat. It will also make the appearance of the tooth less desirable. With more serious gum recession, it can keep receding until the root surface of the tooth is exposed. The root surface is softer than enamel which leads to root gouging as well as root caries.

These problems can be mitigated through the use of a gingival graft. This procedure uses a thin portion of tissue from the mouth’s palate or from another nearby area to give a reliable band of gingival tissue to the tooth. The graft will be planted as to cover up the exposed portion of the route, thus protecting the root surface of the tooth from further damage and decay.

A gingival graft will generally yield very predictable results and can save your teeth from further damage.

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