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A Frenum is a muscle attachment that restricts the movement of an organ or piece of skin. Within a dental context this usually means between the two front teeth, lower or upper, and the lip. It attaches the inner lip with gum tissue. A high frenum attachment, which is closer to the service, along with an absence of attached gingiva can create gum recession.

A frenulum that grows to an excessively large level can inhibit the surrounding teeth from being in the correct location. It can force these teeth apart creating an unattractive gap. If this pulling can be easily seen and/or is too big to let the neighbouring fit together precisely the frenum can be surgically cut to remove the tension it creates. This is referred to as a frenectomy, which is a simple surgical procedure to remove the problematic frenum. We have years of experience removing excessively large frenums either with or without a gingival graft. This procedure will release any tension that the frenum is causing and reverse its adverse effects.

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