Impacted And Missing Teeth

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Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth is simply a tooth that for one or more reasons has not erupted into the mouth. The most common teeth that are impacted in the mouth and require orthodontic treatment are the Maxillary canines. Other teeth can also become impacted but it is less likely. Your canine teeth are usually the last teeth to develop and erupt into the mouth. The canines will either fail to erupt into the oral cavity or will erupt somewhere other than where they are supposed (Ectopic Eruption) to be because of the absence of neighbouring teeth, the Lateral Incisors, or because of the lack of space surrounding the teeth and in the mouth.
It is extremely important to help impacted teeth to erupt into the mouth. If left untreated, impacted teeth can cause so many issues such as the asymmetric alignment of the teeth, damage to the root structure of surrounding teeth and it can cause premature wear to all of your teeth. Impacted teeth can also compromise proper jaw function and can interfere with your sinus cavity. Impacted teeth will also begin to grow into areas that the teeth are not meant to be in, causing chronic periodontal issues.

Treatment for Impacted Teeth

Treatment for impacted teeth will vary depending on the severity of the patient’s situation. The baby tooth will simply be extracted from the mouth so that there is a sufficient amount of space for the adult tooth to push its way through. This is Dr. Scott’s preferred method to treating an impacted tooth, or teeth. If an impacted tooth indeed requires the help of a specialist to make its way through and into the oral cavity, we will make an appropriate referral to one of our specialists who will perform a minor surgical procedure in which the impacted tooth will be exposed, bonded and traction will be applied so that the tooth can be brought into proper alignment.

Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is the absence of one tooth, or a number of teeth, that would normally be present in the mouth. This is caused from a number of sources, such as tooth trauma or it has been passed down hereditarily. An orthodontist isn’t the only expert you will need to see when it comes to missing teeth. Along with your dentist, an oral surgeon and periodontist will need to be seen, depending on the severity of the case. If a missing tooth or teeth are left untreated, it can not only lead to an unattractive smile but improper jaw function, asymmetric alignment of the teeth and accelerated tooth wear.

Treatment for Missing Teeth
For the treatment of missing teeth, a prosthetic replacement of the missing teeth will be needed or the space in which the missing teeth are located will need to be closed, along with some minor cosmetic alterations to the adjacent teeth. Both cases require the patient to wear braces. If the missing teeth happen to be one or more front teeth, then it is important that your dentist work with your orthodontist to ensure that the treatment is successful.
To ensure that the proper treatment is administered to our patients here at Martindale Dental, Dr. Scott partners with some of the best dentists and specialists in the area. You can guarantee the best results when Dr. Scott and his Martin Dale Dental team are on the job!

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