Dental First Aid

Dental First Aid in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!


If you have a wire that is irritating your gums or tooth, push it away from irritated area using a q-tip or pencil eraser. Then place a piece of wax on the end of the wire. If you don’t have any wax to place on the wire you can use a cotton ball or small piece of sugarless gum. Then phone our office right away to schedule an adjustment visit.
Should your main wire come out of the bracket placed on the back molar tooth, you can try to place it back using tweezers or needle nose pliers. If you can’t get it back in place and the end of the wire isn’t irritating your mouth place a small piece of wax over it and phone us to schedule a visit.

Rubber Spacers

If you have a rubber spacer fall out of place you can try to fix it. Insert two pieces of floss through the spacer and pull both of them to stretch the spacer. You should then be able to slide the spacer back and forth to get it back in place between the teeth. When the bottom half correctly slips back into place, let go of the floss, removing it and allowing the space to fit back into position correctly. If you are unsuccessful just phone our office to get it fixed right away.


If one of your brackets has loosened you need to phone us right away so we can get you in to repair it. Even when a bracket loosens it typically stays attached to the main wire via the rubber ring. Should it loosen enough to flip around the wire you can use tweezers to put the bracket back into position.

If you have a piece of your braces break off, save the broken piece and phone us right away so that we can repair them. If you accidentally swallow it do not worry. The piece typically passes through the bowels but if you experience any unsettling or worrisome problems after swallowing a piece you should seek medical attention immediately.

Dental First Aid Tips

If your retainer cracks do not continue wearing it and phone our office immediately, bringing the pieces to your visit for possible repair or replacement.
If you experience soreness after your visit you can take Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Tylenol to relieve the pain. In addition, you can rinse with warm salt water. Should your teeth unexpectedly become sore well after your visit call us immediately.
You can use a proxy brush or dental floss to remove stuck food particles between your teeth.

If you accidentally cut your tongue, gums or inside your cheek put pressure on the area with your finger. If you can’t get the bleeding to stop call your family dentist or orthodontist.

Phone Martindale Dental right away if you need help with your appliances. With proper care, maintenance and oral hygiene you can lessen the risk of problems occurring with your braces or retainer.

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