Classification of the Teeth

Classification of the Teeth in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

Class 1:

Class I teeth means your upper and lower teeth and jaws (or bite) have a normal relationship. No present problems or issues that can be identified.


Class II:

Class II teeth means your lower first molar is farther to the back of your mouth that your upper. This is an abnormal relationship and when it’s present, the lower front teeth and jaw will not project as far forward as the upper teeth and jaw. One’s appearance will likely portray a lower lip and receding chin.
The problems that occur for Class II teeth might stem from overgrowth of the upper jaw, lack of lower jaw growth or even a combination of both. The majority of Class II problems stem from genetics but other factors can easily enhance the problems; i.e. thumb sucking. We can treat and care for Class II teeth issues with growth redirection. This helps bring the upper and lower teeth as well as the jaws into correct placement.

2-div1Division 1
2-div2Division 2

Class III:

Class III teeth means the lower first molar is placed closer to the front of the mouth than your upper first molar. This results in the upper teeth and jaw having less projection than the lower teeth and jaw. One might experience problems that stem from upper jaw undergrowth, lower jaw overgrowth or a combination of both. Just like Class II teeth the problems that stem from Class III teeth can be due to genetics.


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