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How Do Braces Straighten My Teeth?

There are two primary features of braces that help your crooked teeth straighten over time. (1) ceramic or metal brackets and (2) wires. The brackets are placed directly on the teeth and includes a main arch-wire that connects the bracket to the wire. When connecting the two the arch-wire is bent according to the ideal bite for you. You could also consider this the ‘final’ result you want to have when the braces come off.
Pressure is applied to your teeth as the wires threaded through your brackets try to reach their original shape. This pressure will help move your teeth into the desired position. There are rubber bands (elastics) that are to be worn every day that will also provide pressure responsible for correct positioning.
We will gladly discuss this further when you schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontic professionals to see what we can do to help you achieve the smile you desire – and deserve!

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