Are Clear Braces Better?

Maybe you know someone who wears clear braces, or maybe you’ve seen advertisements for them somewhere.  Clear or invisible braces are becoming a more and more common site in peoples mouths as they work their way to straighter teeth and a brighter smile.  Clear braces have really begun to revolutionize how people achieve straighter teeth and many dentists have made the switch from metal to clear plastic wherever possible.  If you’ve been told you need braces but were worried about being stuck with a mouthful of unsightly metal, invisible braces will come as nice surprise.  They aren’t just for looks either, they work perfectly to straighten your teeth. 

Keep reading for a rundown of the many benefits that clear braces can provide, but first, a bit of information on the history of clear braces.

Since the creation of metal braces, dental engineers have been looking for a way to bring the benefits into a package that is much easier to live with in terms of comfort, looks and oral health.  The first actual attempt at creating a clear plastic set of braces happened in 1997 where clear plastic aligners were 3D modelled on a computer and then fabricated.  These aligners, similar to a retainer, would be given to orthodontic patients to move their teeth into position in calculated stages.  At regular intervals, a new set of aligners would be prescribed to keep teeth moving until they achieved their sought-after alignment.  In 2000, this new type of braces became available to trained dental professionals for use as an orthodontic treatment.  Clear braces met with amazing success as patients enjoyed the comfort, simplicity and of course the invisible nature of the product.

As more patients were prescribed clear braces, the benefits began to become evident. Infact, patients now specifically request clear braces because they’ve heard (and seen) the results.

Like traditional braces, clear braces purpose is to straighten your teeth, something which they do a fine job of.  Straighter teeth not only give you as beautiful smile, they are also less susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease because food particles and plaque will have less gaps, crevices and areas to get stuck.  Even your gums will fit tighter to your teeth and reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

Another benefit to the straighter teeth that invisible braces provide is a decrease in traumatic wear of your teeth and jaw.  Traumatic wear is best understood by picturing a set of gears.  If the teeth of the gears are out of alignment they will put pressure and grind on each other causing undue and premature wear.  The lack of proper alignment will also put pressure on the supporting structure, in this case your jaw.  Down the road you will need costly restorative dentistry to repair the damage crooked teeth can create.

Let’s not forget that traditional metal braces are ugly and quite painful.  It’s no secret that metal braces are something that most patients dread going through, but now with the availability of clear braces, they won’t have to.  Metal braces are attached to teeth and strung together with wires that would painfully cut patients lips and gums.  On top of that metal braces are ugly, visible the moment a patient chose to smile and were often a deterrent to doing so.  Clear braces have no pointy corners, wires or sharp edges so they are very comfortable to wear, and they are nearly invisible the whole time.

It is also inherently difficult to keep metal braces clean as food sticks and gets caught in the small unreachable places.  Bacteria, plaque and left-over food particles contribute to tooth decay and gum disease so keeping braces clean is very important.   This means an extended cleaning routine, which might not even be enough to maintain proper oral health.  Clear braces don’t have these issuesas they can be removed easily during meal times and when it’s time for your oral care routine.

Even once treatment is complete and the metal braces come off, teeth are often stained or discoloured where the brace posts were anchored. something that is now avoidable by switching to clear or invisible braces.

Long story short, metal braces suck, clear braces rule!

Let’s recap the benefits of clear braces vs traditional metal braces:

  • Straighter teeth and proper bite alignment
  • Removeable when eating and cleaning for improved oral health
  • Won’t cut your lips and gums
  • Won’t leave discolouration when removed
  • Treatment time can be less than traditional braces
  • Cost effective
  • Virtually invisible to maintain the look of your smile

Using clear or invisible braces provides a night and day difference compared to metal braces in terms of cleaning, maintenance and the look of your smile.  They offer a truly convenient, pain and hassle-free way to straighter teeth that will save you money on dental restoration work in the future.  If you have crooked teeth that need braces, there’s no need to worry – ask your dentist if you are a candidate for clear or invisible braces and take the first steps on the road to a straighter, healthy smile the easy way.

If you think your ClearCorrect clear braces could benefit your smile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office for more information. Contact us here to get started!

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