So your smile is down a few teeth from a perfect smile. Dentures are uncomfortable and seem to never fit 100% and bridges can be a hassle. What do you do? We recommend getting in touch with our St. Catharines office for a consultation about how we can fix your smile and bring back your self-confidence with dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into your jawbone to function as anchors that crowns (artificial teeth) can be attached to in order to restore the function of your teeth and smile. Essentially, dental implants mimic the function of the roots of your natural teeth when these have become damaged or are missing.  A dental implant procedure can be performed by your dentist or an oral surgeon.  

Are dental implants right for me?

If you’re considering dental implants you will need to be in good overall health, have healthy gums and the structure of your jaw must contain enough bone that an implant post can be securely held in place.  Sometimes there are issues where, due to tooth loss or degradation, a patient does not have enough jawbone remaining for implants to fit securely and a bone graft is required.  For these reasons, a consultation with your dentist or oral surgeon is required to ensure you are a candidate for dental implants.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants offer numerous benefits, making them an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth. One of the most significant advantages is their ability to prevent bone loss by stimulating the jawbone just like natural tooth roots, preserving the facial structure and preventing further deterioration. In contrast, other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, do not provide this level of support for the underlying bone.

Implants provide a natural look & perfect fit

Implants are easy to maintain & clean

Implants improve your oral health & your confidence

Implants also provide superior stability and comfort compared to traditional dentures. They are securely anchored into the jawbone, allowing for improved biting and chewing function, and enabling patients to enjoy a wide range of foods without worry. This increased functionality contributes to a better quality of life and overall well-being.

Aesthetically, dental implants closely resemble natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and attractive appearance. They are designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth, making it nearly impossible to distinguish them from your natural teeth. This natural appearance can enhance self-confidence and self-esteem in social and professional settings.

Finally, dental implants boast impressive durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for decades, making them a cost-effective and reliable long-term solution. The combination of improved function, aesthetics, and longevity makes dental implants an excellent choice for individuals seeking to restore their smile and oral health.

It's easier than you think to get a perfect smile

1. Installing the implant

The procedure for dental implants in our St. Catharines office begins with surgically inserting a dental implant(s) into your jawbone.  This procedure often requires sedation dentistry to be used to keep our patients comfortable and pain-free during the treatment.

2. Allowing the jawbone and gums to heal

After the implant has been inserted into the jawbone, there is a healing period while osseointegration occurs.  This process is where your jawbone heals around the dental implant and locks it into position in your jawbone like the root of a natural tooth.  The healing time can be several months, after which you’ll have a solid anchor point for artificial teeth to be attached.

3. Placement of the abutment

After the healing process, the implant will be securely embedded in your jawbone.  Now, another minor surgical procedure is required so that an abutment to hold an artificial crown (tooth) can be attached to the implant.  A small portion of your gums that covers the implant post will be removed, the abutment attached and your gums closed around it.  Local anesthetic or sedation dentistry are required, as is another healing period afterward.

4. Placement of the crown (artificial tooth)

When the healing process is complete, you’re ready for the final step.  While you were healing, you will have had impressions of your teeth made and realistic looking, custom crowns created just for you. These custom crowns (artificial teeth) will now be attached to the exposed abutments so that you can realize your new ‘better-than-ever’ smile.  Our St. Catharines clinic offers both removable and fixed implant options, so consult with your dentist about which option is preferred.

Questions to ask your St. Catharines dental implant specialist

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implants or is there a more suitable alternative?

What is the success rate of dental implants in my specific situation?

Considering my situation, what type of dental implant material is best for me?

How long is the entire dental implant process, from consultation to final restoration?

What are the potential risks and complications associated with dental implants?

Will I need additional procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, before receiving implants?

What type of anesthesia or sedation will be used during the dental implant surgery?

How much will the dental implant procedure cost, and does my insurance cover any portion of it?

What is the recommended aftercare and maintenance routine for dental implants?

Should I schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the health and longevity of my dental implants?

Financing Options & Direct Insurance Billing Available

Martindale Dental understands that oral surgery can involve costs that patients might be concerned about. That’s why we offer a choice of financing options, including flexible payment plans that ensure patients are able to get the treatments they need. We also take the burden of payment off our patient’s minds by offering direct insurance billing.  This simplifies the payment process and reduces out-of-pocket expenses for patients. By accepting insurance payments directly, patients can avoid the hassle of filing claims or waiting for reimbursements. With these financing options and direct insurance billing, Martindale Dental aims to make dental care more affordable and accessible to all patients, without compromising on quality.

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