What are porcelain veneers?

If you aren’t familiar with veneers, porcelain veneers are bonded to the top and front surface of your teeth and are crafted of thin ceramic shells. Porcelain veneers remain a popular option for those looking to get a beautiful smile quickly. They are simple and versatile so if your teeth are shaped wrong, crooked or badly stained, veneers might be the best option for you.

Appearance of porcelain dental veneers

As previously mentioned, these veneers are crafted of thin ceramic so when they are bonded to your teeth you won’t notice that they aren’t your real teeth. In addition, you can continue to enjoy your coffee or tea or even cigarette, without worry of staining. The thinness also allows natural light to shine through so their color becomes the natural color of your teeth underneath the veneers.

Are porcelain veneers durable?

Here at Martindale Dental we use quality products and materials for all aspects of our services. Porcelain veneers can last you more than a decade if you ensure proper care at all times. Your veneers will be made only of the best quality porcelain. The materials we use for bonding the veneers are the latest and greatest in the industry.

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Procedure for installing porcelain veneers

Diagnose & Plan Treatment

The first step is to meet with us and go over the plan for starting your treatment. We will determine if porcelain veneers are the best option for your needs and start planning the procedure and schedule your second appointment.


At your next appointment you can expect to be here for up to two hours. We will lightly buff your teeth, removing ½ mm of tooth, so that the veneers bond perfectly on your teeth. Local anesthesia is available but not typically required for this process. We then take a mould of your teeth to send off for fabrication. It can take 1-2 weeks for your veneers to be ready and a temporary veneer can/may be used in the meantime.


During your final appointment, we will use glycerin or water to place your veneers, taking note of how they fit and their appearance. We can adjust the shade of color if needed at this point in time. Once the color is all set we will then clean your teeth that include certain chemicals that ensure a secure bond. We use a special cement that is applied in between your teeth and the veneer. We then use a light beam to harden the cement and securely bond the veneers to your teeth.
Once you have your new veneers you can continue with your normal dental care routine (brushing and flossing every day) and we will schedule a follow-up visit with you within two weeks.

Proper care and maintenance of porcelain veneers

Carry on with your daily brushing and flossing because you don’t need to worry of damaging them. We do however recommend a non-abrasive toothpaste. Your veneers will last much longer if you take care of them.
Hot and cold sensitivity may occur once you have porcelain veneers. The reason for this is because some of the enamel was removed from your teeth prior to the application. It’s a normal experience after getting veneers and within two weeks it should quit. If it continues for more than two weeks just give us a call to schedule an appointment.
For people with a habit of clenching or grinding their teeth at night we will likely recommend that you wear a night guard. This will help you lessen the stress you put on your teeth by clenching and grinding while you’re asleep. It’s important that you let us know if you currently wear a night guard for this reason or if you are a clencher and do not wear a night guard.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your veneers or the visits leading up to your scheduled porcelain veneers application don’t hesitate to call our office. By taking care of your veneers the same way your teeth should be taken care of, you can expect to enjoy that new beautiful smile for many years to come.

Please contact our office for more information:

    Please contact our office for more information: