Oral Surgery FAQ

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Oral Surgery FAQ

  1. What is an OMS Surgeon?

An OMS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) is a specialist that treats diseases associated with your teeth, mouth, face, and jaws. This specialist could help with tooth extractions (minor) to more significant procedures like reconstructive surgery. An OMS has the appropriate educational requirements including residency training. You can trust in our oral surgeons because they are certified to practice in Canada and have undergone all the necessary additional training.

  1. Are referrals required?

You can call one of our offices to schedule an appointment directly with us; no referrals are required. Just phone us today and we’ll assist you in scheduling an appointment.

  1. What services does your office provide?

There are many services we offer at each of our Martindale Dental locations including the removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, simple extractions, and so much more. Simply phone our office to see if we can help you with the treatment you require. 

  1. Do you offer same-day treatments?

There are times that we can see a patient and treat them in the same day however some patients might require a consultation first and treatment on another scheduled day. Many times same-day services are available for minor, simple oral problems like needing a tooth extracted. More significant or complicated issues will require individual consultations and treatments.

  1. What should I do if I experience pain several weeks after a tooth extraction?

It is not normal to experience pain that long after an extraction and you could have an infection, also known as dry socket. You need to phone us right away so we can schedule you in immediately to take care of the pain and potential infection.

  1. What do I do if my sutures come out?

The sutures we use are often resorbable which means they will start dissolving in two to three days so if they come out about this time, it’s perfectly fine. However, if you’re experiencing major or consistent bleeding you need to call us right away.

  1. How long will I have holes in my jaw after extractions?

The area where a tooth has been extracted often closes up and heals within 6 weeks. The sockets won’t completely fill with bone for several months so you want to keep the sockets clean using the water syringe we provided when you had surgery.

  1. I feel a numbness to my tongue and/or lip – does this go away?

It’s quite normal to have a numb lip or tongue, or even teeth, gums, etc. after you have had lower jaw surgery done. Irritation to the nerves is typically what causes the numbness and it often goes away on its own within a few days to a couple of weeks. In some cases it might take longer to go away. You don’t need to worry about muscle weakness but you should call us so that we can schedule an appointment to evaluate the problem and recommend the best solution.

  1. How long do the holes in my jaw stay after extractions?

The sites will generally close within 6 weeks. It will take several months for the sockets to actually fill with bone. If food gets trapped in the socket area, be sure to clean it with the water syringe given to you at the time of your surgery.

  1. My breath is horrible now that I have had surgery. Is this a cause for concern?

Bad breath will occur after surgery simply because food particles are getting into the socket. You want to keep this area clean at all times, especially after eating. Simply rinse your mouth with salt water (1/2 tsp of salt and warm water) a few times each day to prevent bad breath.
If you have any further questions that aren’t listed here just phone our helpful specialists today at Martindale Dental and let us further assist you!


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