Teeth whitening in Cambridge

Stained teeth are a part of life, it doesn’t matter how hard we try to keep them white and bright.  Everyday stuff like eating food, drinking coffee or wine, smoking and even just natural ageing cause teeth to lose their brightness and become discoloured.  Luckily, modern dentistry has a solution that’s simple, easy and effective.  Teeth whitening in Cambridge lives at Canamera Dentistry, a Martindale Dental affiliate clinic.

Speak with our Cambridge dental clinic location if you’re interested in professional teeth whitening and learn what it entails.  After all, nothing can brighten up your smile like a professional whitening procedure.  No take home kit provides the same results in as little time, or provides the same level of safety.  If your smile is letting you down, consider some of our teeth whitening option sin Cambridge.

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Is teeth whitening right for my smile?

If you find that your teeth aren’t at their brightest, one of our Cambridge teeth whitening packages could be perfect for you.  However, there are several considerations when assessing if you’re a candidate for professional teeth whitening.

For professional teeth whitening treatments:

  •  You should not have tooth decay, gum disease or any type of oral infection
  •  Your smile requires some brightening to truly shine
  •  You are able to maintain your results after treatment

Typically, a candidate for teeth whitening has noticed that their smile is dull and discoloured due to surface staining.  However, topical whitening is not recommended for everyone.  It’s great for those with surface staining, but if teeth are discoloured due to fluorosis or antibiotics, a whitening treatment may not provide the intended results.  For these reasons, a consultation is required to determine the likely outcome of a treatment program.  If a simple whitening procedure is not applicable, there are other methods for achieving the smile you want:

  •  Porcelain veneers – will help being back the natural appearance of stained teeth by placing dental veneers on the front of any affected teeth.
  •  Dental bonding – offers another option by using a coloured and moulded dental resin to cover damaged teeth and restore your smile.

Even for patients who are able to get a topical teeth whitening treatment, veneers or dental bonding can still be useful to deliver an amazing smile.  These three treatment options often work together to straighten, shape and brighten a smile that’s not at it’s best.  These options and any questions you may have will be addressed during a consultation meeting as we make a plan to restore your smile.

Benefits of our Cambridge teeth whitening packages


Even the best smile out there is susceptible to damage from everyday life.  The simple act of eating and drinking will stain your teeth over time, and while we all want that bright Hollywood smile, it’s just a reality for many of us.


You know you’ll feel amazing if your smile is bright and beautiful.  You’ll undoubtedly be smiling a lot more too, making you more magnetic.  Whether at work or a social event, everyone benefits when their smile is beautiful.


Brighter smiles don’t just boost confidence; they inspire attraction in others.  Research suggests that a healthy-looking smile indicates how a person takes care of their body, which boosts attractiveness to others.


Maybe you have a friend or a family member who has mentioned to you that “whitening isn’t safe”.  Well, that’s a myth!  A professional teeth whitening treatment won’t damage your enamel or increase tooth sensitivity.  It’s just like how the foods and drinks you consume don’t cause physical damage to your enamel; the steps to reverse the left-behind stains aren’t either.  A topical teeth whitening works on your tooth’s surface to life stains from the enamel without damaging teeth.


If smiling more makes you happier, then why not give yourself an excuse to do just that.  If you’re confident in your smile and know you’re looking good, then why not show off.  Sometimes it’s a simple smile that can brighten your (or someone else’s) day, especially if that smile is bright, white and shining.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can have a brighter smile, contact our Cambridge dental office for a consultation about your options.  We provide various affordable options and teeth whitening treatments and are happy to discuss everything with you.   Give us a call.

How do our teeth whitening treatments work?

At Canamera dentistry in Cambridge, our teeth whitening treatments use fitted bleach splints for topical whitening.  The process begins with a consultation meeting, where we inspect your teeth and mouth to ensure the procedure can be performed safely and will deliver the expected results.  Once we’ve determined what your smile requires, the process can begin.  For mild to moderate staining, custom fitted bleach splints are the likely option, whereas for heavily stained teeth we may recommend veneers, crowns or bonding to fix the look of your smile. 

Regardless of which procedures are recommended, our teeth whitening treatments can roll back the years and restore the beauty of your smile.

Please contact our office for more information:

    Please contact our office for more information: