Cosmetic dentistry in Cambridge that will boost your confidence

Cosmetic dentistry can be a great way to boost confidence in individuals who are self-conscious about their smile. A beautiful smile can not only improve the appearance of teeth, but also have a positive impact on one’s overall self-esteem. Procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, and dental bonding can help improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, chipped, or misshapen. By enhancing the look of their teeth, individuals can feel more confident in social situations and professional settings. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry can provide long-lasting results, making it a worthwhile investment in both one’s appearance and mental health. Overall, cosmetic dentistry can be a powerful tool for boosting confidence and improving quality of life.

What cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a term used by dentists when describing restorative dental procedures used to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.  Teeth that are worn, discoloured, stained, chipped, misshapen, out of alignment or have feature gaps can make your smile less than perfect.  Modern cosmetic dentistry can take care of these issues and restore your smile using one of many restorative techniques. It does not necessarily improve function, although sometimes it does.  Most cosmetic dentistry treatments are deemed non-essential but the variety of techniques do provide lots of benefits including easier cleaning, some jaw alignment issues and of course a patient’s confidence in their smile.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Yes, anyone can benefit from cosmetic dentistry but which procedures are applicable depends on your current oral health.  If you suffer from any of the problems listed above, our Cambridge cosmetic dentists can help.  The best thing to do is get in touch with our office and schedule a consultation to discuss what issues you’d like corrected and which options we have available to help.  

Treatments offered by our Cambridge cosmetic dentists

Dental veneers

Veneers are made of thin porcelain layers and are bonded to your teeth to hide stains, cracks, chips and other minor imperfections.  Precision fit and made custom to match your smile – veneers can provide remarkable results.


When it comes to the best, Lumineers stand out from other dental veneers.  Similar to veneers, they are a super thin layer placed over damaged teeth to provide an effortlessly beautiful smile.  Not every dentist has the certification to provide Lumineers, so we are proud to offer this service at our office in Cambridge.

Dental bonding

Using materials that have been matched to your teeth, bonding works to fill in gaps or spaces and helps reshape teeth that have been worn down.  Often used for cosmetic repairs or as a vital component of a smile makeover.


Also called tooth reshaping, contouring allows your cosmetic dentist to fix minor issues like overlapping, uneven, crooked or even chipped teeth. Contouring is frequently combined with bonding for most cosmetic procedures and can produce instant results.

Ceramic crowns

Our dental crowns are made of ceramic and are a great option for patients who are in need of a crown but want a natural appearance.  Our crowns provide the function, durability and cosmetic looks patients love.

CEREC technology

CEREC technology that enables complete restorations in just one visit to our office.  Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CERC) is a system that uses 3D imaging to take impressions of your teeth digitally and plan out a restoration in virtual.  The machine then manufactures all the parts (crown, inlay, onlay or even the bridge) on the same day.  CERC represents the most advanced technology available and can produce precise custom fit restorations all in one appointment.

Please contact our office for more information:

    Please contact our office for more information: