Your Family Dentist in Cambridge

The oral health of your family is our priority.

Dentistry to keep the whole family smiling.

As if choosing a dentist for yourself wasn’t difficult enough, finding someone to trust with your family’s smiles can be overwhelming.  That’s why our clinic offers family-first dentistry where everyone is taken care of.  Our friendly, helpful and most of all professional dentists are as great with kids as they are with adults.  

Why is a family dentist important?

Family dentistry is more than just delivering treatments, it’s about delivering a fun, trusting experience that will put everyone at ease.  For children, a friendly face that understands their needs is very important, as is instilling great oral health habits that promote oral health for life. 

General, preventative and total oral health care for all ages

Not all dentists are family dentists.  Our team understands that children have different needs and require special attention.  Our office can take care of your whole family, whether infants, young kids, teenagers or adults.



Full Service Family Dentistry

What you can expect from our Family Dentistry Services


Our family dentistry services include but are not limited to:


• Oral exams (infants to all ages) – oral exams are vital to determining what the future of your child’s dental health could look like and what care is needed.
• Regular cleanings (every 6 months) – having your family’s teeth professionally cleaned regularly is a crucial element to sustained oral heath.
• Examinations for cavities and wear – one of the most common childhood tooth problems are cavities.  Our staff will check and repair any issues with ease.
• Gum disease treatments – More common in our adult patients, gum disease needs to be diagnosed and treated asap before it becomes a real issue.
•A full range of dental treatments to cover the needs of your entire family.

A healthy smile is a happy smile!

Keep your family’s smile healthy and bright with Canamera & Martindale Dental



Our Cambridge family dental patients love the care and results we deliver.  Being able to rely on our expertise and care makes visiting the dentist with kids easy. Knowing your family’s oral health is in good hands is an amazing feeling.  If you’re interested in finding out more about our family dentistry options in Cambridge, please give us a call or email us for an initial consultation.


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