Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.

Emergency Dental in Ottawa

Immediate teledentistry help and rapid available in-person Emergency Dental appointments city-wide near you.

• Teledental video consultation is used to rapidly triage patients and qualify them for an available in-person emergency dentist appointment with a nearby dental office.
• After a patient is qualified, we will provide access to local appointments with convenient and nearby Ottawa emergency dentists that can help now.
• Using teledentistry to triage patients allows us to greatly accelerate the intake process while providing immediate care and increased safety for everyone.

Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.

Emergency teledentistry provides patients in need a convenient and safe way to rapidly consult with a licensed dentist from the comfort of home. During ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, our Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) has issued a recommendation that triage for every dental emergency should be initiated through teledentistry. Teledental triage speeds up the patient intake process to make getting help from an emergency dentist in Ottawa easier while helping to keep us all safe.

Local Ottawa in-person emergency dentist appointments can be arranged on-demand if needed.

We’re available to help if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.


Video chat with a local emergency dentist without leaving home.

Get immediate help during a dental emergency
Accidents are always unexpected and that makes them even more overwhelming. Impact trauma, lacerations, chipped or broken teeth, swollen gums or even something simple like a toothache may mean you need access to an emergency dentist right away. Waiting for help could allow symptoms to worsen and may make getting treatment or a proper recovery more difficult. While our teledentistry service isn’t a direct replacement for an in-office visit, consulting with an online dentist will help facilitate and speed up treatment. Dental emergencies are able to be triaged through video consultation and many patients are able to have their emergencies solved without the need to visit a dental clinic. Our licensed dentists are often able to help emergency cases right away by providing a diagnosis, guidance on how serious the injury is and the steps that need to be taken, or even an immediate medical prescription. We always hope that a patient can be treated without visiting a clinic, but if an in-person appointment is necessary, our teledentistry provides the fastest way to book an appointment with an Ottawa emergency dentist that’s located nearby. We take care of the booking process, eliminating the hassle of trying to track down and vet a dentist that is open and able to provide care.

Emergency dental care when you need help.
Anyone who has ever experienced a dental emergency knows that help can’t arrive quickly enough. Unfortunately, it can often be challenging to find a local dental clinic that is ready to help. The current restrictions due to COVID-19 have only made finding an emergency dentist even harder, as many dental offices are either closed or operating on very limited hours. We recommend using a teledentistry service to get help immediately and to gain an easy route to local in-person appointments with an Ottawa emergency dentist. The teledentistry process is simple, just fill out the form and our team will contact you right away to get you registered and booked to speak with a licensed dentist. The whole process of teledentistry is similar to being triaged at the hospital – except it’s faster (no waiting room) and much more convenient (done from home or wherever you are). During your consultation you can receive a diagnosis and an initial treatment plan from a professional dentist that could make a huge difference in the outcome of your dental emergency. If necessary, you can also receive a medical prescription right away during the consultation and of course, a timely in-office appointment with a conveniently located Ottawa emergency dentist if necessary.

Teledentistry provides access to medical prescriptions without visiting a dental office.
If your virtual dentist determines that a medical prescription is needed, you can get one right away without visiting a dentist in-person. This way you will save time and money while getting the treatment you need sooner. Along with a medical prescription, your teledentist will also provide guidance on how to use any prescribed medications and administer treatment at home. Patients who use teledentistry benefit from rapid treatment and easy access to medical prescriptions or in-person appointments with an emergency dentist. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, teledentistry provides many serious advantages..

It’s quick and easy to get emergency dental help online.
If a dental emergency happens, it’s important to get professional assistance as quickly as possible. Online teledentistry makes getting the help you need quick and easy – without needing to visit a dentist in person. Simply complete the intake form and book your video chat appointment with a licensed dentist. From diagnosis and guidance to medical prescriptions and in-office appointments, teledentistry is the fastest and easiest way to initiate treatment – all you need is a smartphone, tablet of camera equipped computer.

Emergency teledentistry can provide immediate peace of mind.
Dental emergencies are often scary experiences. You’re not sure how bad it is or what you need to do so you can get better. When accidents happen, you need the help of a dentist as quickly as possible, and in our experience, just knowing that help is on the way can often be all it takes to start feeling better. Knowing that you’re in the capable hands of a professional and friendly emergency dentist can make all the difference. Our Ottawa teledentistry service makes getting help easy. It’s the fastest route to professional assistance and simplifies the process of getting an appointment to see a dentist in person. Lots of patients are able to be helped immediately through video conference, which is the ideal outcome, but if additional treatment is necessary, we can quickly provide appointments with emergency dentists in your area. Every dentist on our platform is certified by the RCDSO and operates using the appropriate PPE that our dental regulatory body has outlined. Peace of mind is available right away through Martindale teledentistry.


Meet The Doctors

Our dentists have over 20 years of helping patients during dental emergencies.

Our  staff is  compassionate and always ready to help get you treated and smiling again as soon as possible.

What is emergency teledentistry?

Any dental emergency is best treated by enlisting professional help immediately. Currently the fastest way to get professional help from an Ottawa emergency dentist is teledentistry. Our service offers almost immediate video conference appointments so patients can be seen virtually by licensed emergency dentists and get help quickly. Our teledentistry video conferencing platform is web-browser based, which means there are no downloads or installs required. All patients need is a smartphone, a tablet or camera quipped computer and an email address. It’s simple! Speak to a dentist – Get help – Get an appointment if required.
Current restrictions from COVID-19 have also made visiting a dentist even more difficult, so our regulatory body the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) has recommended that all emergency patients use teledentistry to get initial treatment and triage for admittance to an in-person visit to an emergency dental clinic.
Martindale teledentistry is able to assist patients through their dental emergencies and reduce the amount of necessary in-person appointments. Many dental emergencies can be treated with guidance, advice or a medical prescription provided through video conference because lots of emergencies don’t require an in-office visit for treatment. We are using teledentistry to treat and triage patients to qualify or pre-register them for in-office emergency appointments if needed. If you need to see a dentist in-person, then our teledentistry service simply speeds up the intake/triage process (which is always required) and acts as a booking service to provide an appointment with an available dentist in your area. Our teledentistry service works for dental emergencies and other oral health concerns as well and almost every patient will benefit from partaking in an online consultation with a licensed dentist. Teledentistry is now also covered by most insurance providers.

How does emergency teledentistry work?

Our emergency teledentistry service is the easiest (and fastest) way to find an emergency dentist that can help you now. Ottawa teledentistry is available anywhere in the city and provides treatment through video conference and in-person appointments if necessary.

Our service is simple to use and targeted to help during dental emergencies and other non-essential concerns. Teledentistry is also the fastest route to get an emergency dentist appointment in Ottawa.

This is how to use our service:

1.) Fill out the form which you can find at the top and bottom of this page, use our live chat feature or phone our office directly (requests by phone are only available during business hours).

2.) As soon as we receive your teledentistry request, our admin team will contact you for registration and to book you for a teledentistry consultation appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

3.) After registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will also contain a link you’ll need to click in order to access your video consultation at your appointment time.

4.) Simply click the link at your scheduled appointment time and you’ll be immediately connected face-to-face with a licensed emergency dentist that will take care of you.

5.) Consult with a dentist online about your emergency or oral health concerns and receive professional guidance, a medical prescription or an in-person appointment if required.

All of our dental clinics are currently using teledentistry to qualify and triage all patients before providing online assistance or booking emergency appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is teledentistry only for emergency situations?
Teledentistry is able to provide rapid care for all emergency patients and it is also able treat other non-essential oral health concerns. Anytime a patient feels concerned about their oral health – teledentistry can help. Teledentistry is especially important when it is difficult for a patient to visit a dentist in a timely manner, such as when living remotely, or right now during the current COVID-19 crisis. Emergency patients are able to get immediate assistance, prescriptions and in-person appointments. Teledentistry allows patients to receive dental care from the comfort of home, which saves both time and money. All patients are able to get professional guidance and diagnosis, access to medial prescriptions or immediate access to local emergency appointments.

Are Martindale teledentists approved by the RCDSO?
Each and every dentist treating patients on the Martindale teledentistry platform is a practicing dentist at a dental office in Ontario. Every member is fully licensed and trusted by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and able to assist patients with compassionate care and expertise. Any dentist we refer our patients to will also be licensed by the RCDSO and operating a dental clinic that meets all stringent guidelines regarding PPE and emergency care as outlined by our regulatory body.

How long does a typical teledentistry appointment take?
Requesting and setting up an appointment for an online teledentistry consultation is quick and easy. During business hours we can help almost immediately and provide all necessary appointments. The video conference portion of teledentistry usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes but can be extended if more time is required to appropriately deliver patient care. Even though not every oral health concern can be treated through teledentistry, our service is able to provide a hassle-free and timely in-person appointment with an Ottawa emergency dentist if required. In that situation, our teledentistry service acts as triage (same as at the hospital emergency room) to speed up the patient intake process and shorten the amount of time it takes to be treated by an emergency dentist.

Am I able to visit a dentist in Ottawa during COVID-19?
If you’ve suffered a dental emergency or are experiencing another oral health concern that needs immediate attention, you will be able to visit a dentist that is open and operating under the strict safety guidelines required by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). However, it has been suggested by the RCDSO that all patients use a teledentistry service to register and be qualified for an emergency appointment. This screening and triaging process has been implemented to reduce wait times, ease the load on emergency clinics and to help keep everyone safe. Teledentistry allows patients to be triaged and examined by a licensed dentist without interacting in close proximity. Teledentistry is also often able to treat many types of dental emergencies without the need for an in-person appointment, but if a visit to a dental clinic is required, an appointment will be provided quickly.

Ottawa emergency virtual dentist, emergency video conference dentist, emergency online dentist, or even emergency Skype dentist – it’s all emergency teledentistry to us.