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Online Teledentistry & Emergency Dentists in Ottawa

Immediate licensed dental care on your phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of home.




Due to ongoing shutdowns and social distancing efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis, it has become difficult to visit or even speak with a dentist. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has strongly recommended that dentists cease doing non-essential or elective procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Emergency treatment can continue. However, due to a limited availability of appropriate PPE, it can be challenging to find a dental office that is open to handle emergency cases. As a result, Martindale Dental is proud to offer a new Tele-Dentistry service so anyone in Ontario can access a live dentist from the comfort of their own home. Most dental emergencies can be handled by having a video conference with a live dentist. In cases where a patient must be seen, we will refer you to a Royal College approved office to obtain the appropriate emergency treatment. We’re dedicated to helping patients who need dental care – now.

Professional dental care from anywhere in Ottawa.

Covered by most insurance providers.

Advice & diagnosis – Medical prescriptions – In-office appointments

Martindale Dental is now offering patients a way to safely & securely interact with a licensed dentist for help during a dental emergency or urgent oral health concern.

In-person emergency dentist appointments in Ottawa immediately available if required.

Ottawa teledentistry is the fastest way to get professional dental care.


Online dental care without leaving home via video chat.

Teledentistry for dental emergencies and more.
We all know accidents can happen at anytime, and your mouth is no exception. Sometimes it’s just a toothache or loose filling, but other times it can be something really serious. Regardless of your oral health concern, the best thing to do is consult with a licensed dentist and figure out what the next steps are. Teledentistry offers patients an easy way to get face-to-face with a dentist who can provide valuable advice or diagnosis and even medical prescriptions without the need to visit a clinic. It is often possible to diagnose the problem through video chat and determine what needs to happen to alleviate the problem. Hopefully it’s easy, but if your issue requires hands-on attention, an appointment can be quickly arranged for you to visit a local dentist that is open and able to help.

Don’t wait. Get professional help now!
Dental emergencies, or any other oral health concern should be dealt with immediately before things get worse. If you’ve ever tried to find a dentist to help you straight away, you’ll know there is often a lot of hassle involved. Our teledentistry service available to all Ottawa residents can drastically cut down the time and frustration it takes to connect with a licensed dentist. Consulting with a trusted dentist through video chat often isn’t a substitute for an actual office visit, it does allow your situation to be assessed and the correct next steps to be determined. Do you need help immediately? Can we help fix your concern remotely? Or can your issue wait until visiting a dentist is more convenient? Teledentistry is also a very fast and convenient way to get an in-person appointment if your situation requires it.

Get medical prescriptions online.
Sometimes all a patient needs to fix their oral health concern is a medical prescription. Teledentistry allows immediate consultation through video chat where a dentist can diagnose your problem and provide medical prescriptions right away. This saves patients time and money while negating the need to visit a dental office just for a prescription.

Get professional dental care even if you’re busy.
Time is often scarce but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to neglect your oral health. If something isn’t right and you’re concerned, it’s easy to use our teledentistry service to get help or more information. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other computer with a camera. Then simply fill out the intake form and we’ll contact you to set up an appointment for a live video chat with a licensed dentist.

Put your mind at ease and get relief!
Dental emergencies can be scary experiences, and a lot of that comes down to not knowing what’s happening or what you should do to get help. Sometimes all it takes to remove a lot of that fear and panic is the advice and care of a friendly professional dentist. Teledentistry is a quick way to consult with a dentist and get the care you need. Our patients can often be helped through video chat and if an appointment at a local clinic is needed, we can arrange one quickly. Get advice, diagnosis, peace of mind and more from a licensed dentist quickly and conveniently with Martindale Dental Teledentistry.

Virtual dentist, video conference dentist, online dentist,  live chat dentist or even Skype dentist – it’s all teledentistry to us.


Our online teledentistry will help put your dental concern behind you.



Is Teledentistry only used for dental emergencies?
Martindale Dental Teledentistry is available for more than just emergency dental help in Ottawa. Anyone in need of a consultation with a dentist can benefit. Regardless of your dental concern, taking the correct steps to resolve the issue is key. This is especially true in an emergency situation but also applies to other urgent care needs as well. If you are unable to visit a dentist (like under the current COVID-19 shutdowns) for whatever reason, don’t neglect your oral health by speaking with a licensed dentist in a virtual consultation. It’s easy and covered by most insurance providers.

Concerned about your oral health?
IF you have questions or concerns about something going on with your oral health, it’s important not to delay and get it checked out right away. While teledentistry isn’t a direct substitute for an in-office appointment, your virtual dentist is often able to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment advice immediately. Teledentists are also able to prescribe medical prescriptions on the spot and refer you to an in-person appointment if required. Even if it’s not an emergency, it’s important to know if your concern needs treatment now or if it can wait. Take charge of your oral health and consult a dentist if you’re experiencing an issue.

What if I need an in-office appointment?
If after consultation, your online dentist determines that you’d be best served by visiting a dentist in-person, we can quickly arrange an appointment with a RCDSO licensed dentist in the Ottawa area nearest you.

Who are our teledentists?
Every dentist on our teledentistry service is fully licensed and trusted by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) operating in the Ottawa region. Our patients receive professional dental care during every video consultation and during any subsequent in-person appointments (if required).

How long are teledentistry appointments?
There are a few simple steps patients must take before getting connected with a dentist for a video consultation, but don’t worry, they’re incredibly simple. First fill out the form found at the top or bottom of this webpage, or use the live chat feature (during business hours) to get in touch and request a teledentistry appointment in Ottawa. As soon as we receive your completed form, a member of our team will contact you to take your information and set up a video chat appointment at your convenience. You will receive an email that includes a link to your online consultation. Our teledentistry service is web browser based, which means there are no downloads needed and nothing to install. Simply click the consultation link (found in your email) at your specified appointment time and you’ll be connected with a licensed dentist in your area. Setting up your appointment is quick while the actual consultation with a dentist lasts between 15 and 30 minutes on average depending on what your concern requires.

Can I visit a dentist during COVID-19?
In Ottawa, there are a limited number of dental clinics that have the appropriate PPE to deliver emergency or urgent dental care. The RCDSO has also recommended that all elective and non-essential treatments should be suspended until further notice. This means it is very difficult to see or even speak with a dentist for now, but don’t worry, our teledentistry service is designed to help patients who can’t see a dentist in-person.

Teledental care in Ottawa, ON
If you’ve tried to visit a dentist in Ottawa, you’ve likely figured out that it is currently very difficult. However, even if dentists aren’t available, that doesn’t stop accidents, emergencies or oral health problems from happening and patients from needing assistance. It doesn’t matter where you live in Ottawa, if you have an oral health concern we can help. Our platform provides access to local dentists who are ready to help, both through video chat online, or through an in-person appointment if required.

Ottawa teledentistry provides dental health care now.