Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.

Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.

Dental Emergency?

Online Teledentistry & Emergency Dentists in Greater Sudbury Available 7 Days a Week

Speak with a licensed Ontario dentist via live video chat on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.



Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.



Dental Emergency?

Online Teledentistry & Emergency Dentists in Greater Sudbury Available 7 Days a Week

Speak with a licensed Ontario dentist via live video chat on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.



Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice.

Covid-safe virtual video consults.

Rapid same day appointments available.

Direct-to-pharmacy prescriptions.

Referral to a Dentist Near You.

Most insured patients pay $0.

Our Teledentistry service is down for maintenance until further notice. 

Complete our patient intake

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5:00-11:00pm weekdays

12:00pm-6:00pm weekends

Speak with your dentist online via the link sent to your email!

Check your email to pay for your appointment and download your insurance form*. Virtual appointments are only $76.00

*NOTE: When you book an appointment with us, you agree to pay the $76.00 teledentistry fee through the link that will be sent to your email once your appointment is complete. Once you make the payment, your insurance form will be sent to you.

Video chat with a dentist from virtually anywhere.

Teledentistry may provide vital help during a dental emergency.
Anyone that lives in Ontario can now reach a dentist for any dental dilemma from their very own home. Many dental problems can be diagnosed and treated once a video conference between the patient and dentist has been completed. If your case requires you to be seen in-office then you will be referred to an approved dental office where emergency dental treatment will be given. We are beyond happy to be able to provide dental care to our patients in this new and innovative way.

Get straight to professional advice without the hassle.
Often it can be very difficult to get an appointment with a dentist straight away. Unfortunately, many dental concerns shouldn’t wait and immediate help is required. Patients are recommended to use our Teledentistry option as a first response when the need arises. From diagnosis, treatment advice, prescriptions or patient referrals – video teledentistry is a great first step on the road to recovery.

We can provide prescriptions virtually.
Martindale teledentistry allows patients to meet in a virtual consultation to discuss any dental health issue.  Online dentists are able to provide diagnosis, treatment advice, prescribe medication for pick-up at a pharmacy and refer patients to a local in-office appointment if the situation requires. Although not a substitute for an in-clinic appointment, an online consultation can save patients time and money while often avoiding the need to visit an emergency room.

If you’re busy, consult a dentist online.
Making time for a dental appointment can be a hassle when you have to juggle work, children, a social life, or extracurricular activities. Our new system provides you with rapid care from a licensed dentist in Toronto. No downloads or installations are required in order to have a video conference appointment with an approved dental care specialist.

Professional help for immediate peace-of-mind!
Dental emergencies can be scary times to go through and getting help quickly is very important. A lot of the anxiety associated with a dental emergency comes from not knowing what’s going on. Sometimes speaking with a professional about what’s happening and how to move forward is all it takes to begin feeling better. Our teledentistry service is the fastest and easiest way to speak with a licensed dentist if you’re having a dental emergency. We can help the large majority of patients we see right there during the video chat, but if your case requires extra assistance, we’ll provide a quick referral to clinic that is ready to assist immediately.


Get peace-of-mind from our online emergency dentists!


Questions? Find our FAQ’s below or message us through our chat box. We are ready to help!

How much does my online dentist appointment cost?
Online appointments are $76.00 as per the Ontario Dental Association fee guide. Most insurance companies will reimburse your teledentistry fee.

How do I pay for my appointment?
After your appointment is completed, you will receive an email from our administrator to make a payment for your appointment. Follow the steps outlined in the email. Once your payment is made, you will receive an insurance form which you can then send to your insurance provider. Please note: when you book an online appointment with us, you agree to make the $76 payment for teledentistry after your appointment is complete.

How do I attend my appointment?
Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email confirming your appointment details. This email will also include a link and access code to join the video appointment session with your dentist. You will be able to join your appointment 15 minutes before it begins.

Is your service only for Martindale Dental patients?
Not at all! Our service is open to all residents of Ontario.

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
To reschedule or cancel your appointment, please contact us through our chat box. Provide your name and original appointment date and time. Our support team will reschedule or cancel.

How will I verify the identity of my dentist? How will they verify my identity?
Your dentist will begin the appointment by showing you their Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) badge, or telling you their license number. They will also verify your identity by asking you to hold up a piece of identification (health card or driver’s license).

Is teledentistry only for dental emergencies?
Everyone and all types of dental health concerns are eligible for online teledentistry. Many oral health issues can be solved through cideo conferencing with a licensed dentist, but if not you can get an appointment to quickly be seen in-office. It does not have to be an emergency for you to schedule a video conference with one of our approved dental care specialists.

Do you have oral health questions?
Regardless of what your oral health concern is, speaking to one of our licensed teledentists is the fastest way to get things cleared up. As an example, we can often diagnose a patient’s ailment solely based on a description of symptoms. We can also give advice on how to treat certain conditions, provide medical prescriptions if necessary and quickly arrange in-office appointments in the patient’s area. Patients with a pre-existing condition who have questions about at-home care options or medication instructions can be helped by a teledentistry consultation.

What if I end up needing an in-office appointment with a dentist?
If during a video consultation, your dentist determines that your condition requires extra care or treatment, our administration team will provide a list of appointment options with licensed and trusted dentists local to your area that are able to help in a timely manner. A teledentistry consultation is a quick way to get an emergency in-person appointment.

Are your teledentists licensed and trustworthy?
Yes, of course. Every dentist available on the Martindale teledentistry platform is licensed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and is currently a practicing dentist in the province. Any subsequent appointment referrals will also be with RCDSO licensed and trusted dentists in the patients area.

How long does an online dentistry consultation take?
The fastest way to get started is to fill out and submit the contact from found at the top and bottom of this page. Once submitted, our administration team will contact you almost immediately to set up a consultation appointment that works best for you. Once an appointment has been set, patients will receive an email containing a link to begin their online consultation at the agreed appointment time. The video consultation is web browser based, so no download or installation is required. It’s a simple, straightforward process and the fastest way to get invaluable oral health care from a licensed dentist online. The duration of a consultation ranges from 15 minutes to a half hour or depending on the requirements of the patient.

Am I able to visit a dentist during the COVID-19 shutdown?
Patients with emergencies that require immediate attention are able to visit a dentist in-person. However, the RCDSO has recommended against conducting elective procedures and non-essential treatments that require facial masks to be removed.  The rules regarding dental treatment during covid-19 are always subject to change so contacting us for an up-to-date status report
To help reduce the number of appointment requests, we recommend using our teledentistry service to help patients determine if they need help now of if their issue can wait. This helps keep everyone safe and protected from the COVID-19 virus.

We serve patients all over Ontario such as Toronto, Ottawa, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Cambridge and Burlington. However, we are also able to assist patients from virtually anywhere in Ontario, Canada.

Virtual dentist, video conference dentist, online dentist,  live chat dentist or even Skype dentist – it’s all teledentistry to us.