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Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking leads to dental problems, including: Bad breath Tooth discolouration Inflammation of the salivary gland openings on the roof of the mouth Increased build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth Increased loss of bone within the jaw Increased risk of leukoplakia, white patches inside the mouth Increased … Continue reading

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What causes tooth sensitivity?

Under normal conditions, the underlying dentine of the tooth (second layer of the tooth structure) is covered by the enamel crown and the gums that surround the tooth. Over time, the enamel can get thinner, thus providing less protection. The … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of Using Mouthwash

Brushing and flossing are the best ways to avoid oral health issues like gingivitis. If you add mouthwash into the equation you’re set for success. Mouthwash is an effective tool in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis, as well as … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Our teeth are irreplaceable. It’s important to keep those pearly whites looking their whitest, because nothing says confidence quite like a beaming smile. In order to keep your smile looking it’s best and brightest, here are six tips to make … Continue reading

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