Helpful Tips for Switching to a New Dentist

Helpful Tips for Switching to a New Dentist

Beginning early 2020, we’ll be opening the doors of our Martindale Dental Jackson Square location.  That means we’ll be fully serving residents looking for a Hamliton dentist.  As our clinic expansion into Hamilton draws near, we thought a blog giving you some tips on switching to a new dentist would be in order. 

Switching dentists is probably not on anyone’s preferred to-do list but sometimes it’s necessary.  You need a dentist to take care of your oral health properly, and that makes the decision one that will have a direct effect on your health.  Research and careful consideration is required to make sure you and your family receive the great care you need and want.  To make the task of finding a new dentist easier, keep reading for some helpful advice from our dental team.

Reasons you might be looking for a new dentist

Why might you be searching for a new dentist?  There’s lots of reasons but in our experience the following two are most common. 

You’re dissatisfied with your current dental care provider:  For one reason or another, the service you receive isn’t up to par and you feel your oral health is at risk.  This is a really important reason to find a new dental clinic and get the care you want.

You’ve moved and your existing dentist is too far away:  Visiting the dentist can be a hassle at the best of times, what with work or school, kids, travel time, parking and more to contend with.  There’s no way that you’ll want to drive across the city on top, so switching dentists to one with a more convenient location makes perfect sense.  The same thing applies if it’s your dentist that has moved locations or closed down their practice – you’ll need to find a new dental office to visit.

Helpful tips for finding a new dentist

While it’s not really going to help in your search, it is very important to find not just any dentist, but a great one.  Someone who checks all the boxes, be it clinic location, level of care for the whole family if required, cost, and a dentist (plus staff) that you feel comfortable with.

The easiest way to find a new dentist is to reach out for referrals.  These could come from family members, friends, co workers, your existing dentist or online reviews like those from Google or RateMD for example. This way you’ll be able to narrow your search and actually start visiting for consultations right away.  Looking online, try doing a Google search for a phrase like “dentists near me” or “dentists in Hamilton” (if that’s where you’re located), and you’ll find a long list of dentists ready to serve you.

Once you have a list of dentists to consider, it’s time to go and meet them.  This means phoning in for a consultation appointment or meet-and-greet.  All the 5 star reviews on the internet wont help if you just don’t see eye-to-eye with a potential new dentist.  An in-person interview should not be skipped if you want to ensure you find the right dentist for you.

Things to consider when searching for a new dentist

Make a checklist of things you need your dentist to be.  This way you will have a much easier time narrowing down your list of prospects.

  • Is the dentist location convenient?
  • Does the clinic have good reviews?
  • Is the clinic clean and comfortable to visit (nice waiting area, up-to-date equipment etc.)?
  • Do you get along with the staff and dentist?
  • Are the services you require provided?
  • Does the clinic provide pediatric care for your kids if required?
  • Inquire about pricing, insurance coverage and financing options.

Your first visit

You’ve narrowed the list and are getting ready to interview your prospective dentists.  What can you expect when you visit a dental clinic for the first time?

  • Meet and greet with clinic staff and your dentist
  • Consultation with the dentist
  • Oral check-up to determine oral health
  • Creation of your dental record
  • Scheduling your next appointment

Our team at Martindale Dental loves to see new patients visiting our clinic.  We value all our patients but love making new connections and helping people achieve the best oral health they can.  We’re friendly and compassionate people so feel free to get in touch with one of our convenient clinic locations to schedule a first appointment at any time.

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