Reconstructive Surgery in St Catharines

Dental Reconstructive Surgery in St. Catharines

Dental reconstructive surgery in St. Catharines is sometimes required for a variety of facial injuries. Injuries requiring reconstructive surgery vary widely, ranging from something like a knocked out tooth caused by a minor accident to something a lot more serious that put a patient’s well-being and health at risk. Whether due to a bad fall, a work-related injury, a motor vehicle accident, some form of interpersonal violence, a sports injury or another circumstance, facial injuries are often the most stressful our dental clinic sees. That’s why our team is knowledgeable in emergency facial treatments as well as long term reconstruction procedures, because after all, facial injuries are traumatic physically and emotionally. This means our team at Martindale Dental in St. Catharines is highly qualified to treat and manage all types of facial trauma and injuries.

Dental reconstructive treatments:

  • • Knocked out teeth
  • • Facial lacerations (external cuts)
  • • Intraoral lacerations (cuts inside the mouth)
  • • Chipped, broken, cracked or decayed teeth
  • • Fractured teeth, facial bones or the jaw
  • • Restoration of normal eating and speaking capacity
  • • Cosmetic enhancements of your smile (fixing gapped teeth, discoloured teeth or a bite misalignment)


Our team is dedicated to helping restore the correct oral function as well as the facial appearance of patients who have suffered a serious accident so they can continue with their lives. We provide expert care and are committed to making our patients feel comfortable throughout each step along the way. We offer detailed consultations, comforting personal care and multiple anaesthesia options (including sedation) to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Maxillofacial Surgery in St. Catharines

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries often refer to facial area lacerations that are either on the inside or the outside of a patient’s mouth. Sutures (stitches) are typically used to repair these types of injuries and most patients can expect a full recovery. However, special attention is required to ensure that scarring is minimized and that facial structures including nerves, salivary glands or ducts are not damaged and correctly repaired.

Bone Injuries

Facial bone injuries are handled in a similar manner to how fractures or breaks to other areas of the body are treated. Typically, this means immobilization so that the bone structure can heal correctly. Unfortunately, immobilizing a facial bone structure like the jaw is much more difficult than putting a cast or brace onto a fractured arm. A common treatment for a fractured or broken jaw is referred to as “rigid fixation” and requires the jaw to be wired together and immobilized so that it can heal properly.

Injuries to Teeth & Surrounding Dental Structures

The most common injuries we see are knocked-out, fractured or broken teeth, which luckily are treated fairly easily. A knocked-out tooth can often be re-inserted if the correct steps have been taken prior to visiting our office. If you’ve suffered a knocked-out tooth, immediately place the tooth in salt water or milk and then visit your dentist immediately. Do not wipe off the tooth because there may be vital ligaments still attached that are necessary for successful re-insertion.
Knocked out teeth, or other damage to teeth can also be repaired using one of the many types of dental implants. Dental implants are great at replacing missing teeth and restoring the proper function of your mouth.

No matter what type of accident you’ve had – it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible so that treatment can begin immediately. Our Martindale Dental clinic offers dental reconstructive surgery in St. Catharines and we are experts when it comes to not only fixing the problem, but also taking care of your well-being during the treatment process.

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