Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

When jaws don’t line up properly, or when some teeth don’t appear to fit jaws, orthognathic surgery is an option to correct these issues. Jaw surgery can be utilized to correctly reposition and realign a jaw that is not in the right place. Teeth can also be straightened through the use of orthodontics. These techniques will make sure that the teeth are lining up properly and functioning correctly. It will also improve the patient’s facial appearance.

Who is a candidate for Orthognathic surgery?

Patients with incorrect bites, or misaligned jaws are candidates for orthognathic surgery. Jaws grow at a slow rate and sometimes the lower and upper jaws can grow at different speeds which can cause a variety of problems. These problems can have an adverse effect on chewing, appearance, speech and oral health over the long term. If the problem merely lies in the teeth, not the jaw, then orthodontic work can usually solve the problem. Orthognathic surgery might be needed to solve problems when the solution is to move the jaw.

If you suffer from, open bite, protruding jaw, breathing problems, chronic jaw or TMJ pain, or difficulty swallowing, biting, and chewing Orthognathic surgery may be able to help. These symptoms can come from a variety of sources, they can be from birth or develop somewhere along the way as environmental or hereditary consequences or even as an outcome of facial trauma. Prior to any treatment is important to correctly assess and diagnose the issue. A full examination featuring X-rays will be conducted. During the consultation portion of the process we will walk you through what the specific problem is, and your options on how to best tackle your distinct needs. Once we have all the information necessary we will help you make the ideal decision to meet your dental needs.

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