Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

Dental specialists focus on treating facial injuries. They are well equipped to tackle emergency care, long term reconstruction and acute treatment as well as rehabilitation both physically and mentally.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in treating facial trauma. Facial injuries involve a lot of mental trauma as well as clear physical trauma. This demands a more balanced approach, with the understanding and appreciation of how these procedures can mentally affect the patient. Our doctors have the skills and experience to repair any facial trauma and restore function and confidence. They work on staff at local hospitals and give emergency room treatment for facial injuries including:

Intra oral lacerations
Knocked out or avulsed teeth
Fractured facial bones such as the cheek eye socket or nose
Fractured jaws

The Nature Of Maxillofacial Trauma

There are a wide variety of ways to cause facial trauma, sports injuries, car accidents, violence, work related injuries and even accidental falls can cause serious facial damage. Facial injuries include more than teeth, they also refer to skin and bone damage on the face as well. There are generally three classifications of facial injuries, soft tissue which includes, bone injuries or fractures, damage to the skin and gums, and injuries to specific regions like the eyes facial nerve or salivary glands.

Soft Tissue Injuries To The Maxillofacial Region

When there are soft tissue injuries like lacerations on the face they are often corrected with suturing. They are the most effective when it comes not just fixing the laceration but reducing the cosmetic damage as well. Our qualified doctors have years of experience diagnosing and treated all kinds of facial lacerations.

Bone Injuries To The Maxillofacial Region

Fractures in the face are managed like any other bone in the body. But the specific method of treatment will be chosen based on factors like the location of the break, the seriousness of the fracture, how old it is, and the overall health of the patient.

When you break most bones a cast is usually used to stabilize the bone so it can heal properly. Due to the fact that casts can not be placed on one’s face other more creative methods have been created to effectively stabilize facial fractures.

One method is to wire the jaws together for specific types of fractures to the upper or lower jaw. Small plates and/or screws can also be utilized to stabilize the fracture with surgery. This method, referred to as a rigid fixation, can be used to avoid wiring the jaws together and can greatly expedite recovery times for patients. It restores function much faster and as a result is preferred.

It is very important that treating facial fractures has the minimum affect on the patient’s physical appearance. This means using the fewest number of incisions to accomplish the goal. The required incisions are designed to be as small and as hidden as possible to reduce scars and cosmetic damage.

Injuries To The Teeth & Neighbouring Dental Structures

Tooth injuries are very common and can demand the knowledge of a variety of dental specialists. Typically oral surgeons will be called on to treat fractures in supporting bone or in replacing/replanting knocked out or damaged teeth. These kind of injuries are remedied by using one of many methods of splinting, stabilizing by bonding teeth to one another using wiring. In the event that a tooth is avulsed or knocked out it, placing it in salt water or milk is the best way to preserve it.

Time is of the essence, the faster the tooth is placed back into its socket the better the odds are that it will be able to survive. Seeing your dental or an oral surgeon as fast as possible is critical. Do not wipe the tooth off as left over parts of the ligament that anchor the tooth to the jaw may be attached and are essential to the successful replanting of the missing tooth. Other dental specialists could be brought in to help, like endodontists that can perform root canal therapy or restorative dentists that may need to fix any fractured teeth. If a damaged tooth cannot be fixed or saved dental implants are usually used to replace the missing teeth.

The correct treatment of facial injuries is the domain of specialized dentists who have the years of experience and knowledge in emergency care, long term reconstruction, and rehabilitation. Our specialists are ready to handle any facial trauma restoring both function and cosmetics.

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