Mending A Broken Smile

About the Mending A Broken Smile Campaign:

    Mending A Broken Smile is a new charitable outreach program created by Martindale Dental to provide urgent or restorative dental care to an individual with limited financial resources. This annual program aims to provide life changing dentistry to an individual who might not otherwise be able to afford the kind of specialty dental care they require.

    We need your help:

Martindale Dental needs your help to find the next dental candidate. We are currently accepting nominations from the public. Please fill out the form below and tell us who you think should be this year’s Mending A Broken Smile candidate.


    We are looking for candidates with limited financial resources or individuals that are currently working to overcome obstacles in their own lives. Candidates can be of any age group who reside in the GTA.

      Andew’s Story

    In 2014 Andrew Soares, a twenty-six year old recovering heroin addict from Milton Ontario, was faced with the devastating effects of drug use on his physical and mental health. One year after entering rehab, Andrew remains clean but struggles to put his life on track. He suffers from depression and the chronic pain associated with a mouthful of rotting teeth – a side affect of smoking heroin. Andrew’s councillors believe that he has made progress, but also believe that no further progress can be made until Andrew’s debilitating tooth pain is dealt with. To make matters worse Andrew is unable to take painkillers because he is in recovery. Having learned of his situation, Martindale Dental offered to provide Andrew with the $50,000 dental treatment he needs in an effort to give him a shot at getting his life back.