Pediatric Dentistry Introduction

Pediatric Dentistry in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

Why a Pediatric Dentist?

Going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience for a child. It takes them out of their comfort zone with experiences they are often not accustomed to. Our Pediatric specialists understand that children don’t want to come to the dentist. This is why we strive to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This gives your child a more positive association with dental care, rather than one of fear.

What is a Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist)?

Pediatric dentists specialize in the treatment of children’s oral health, much in the same way that a pediatrician specializes in a the medical needs of children. Specialising in treating children doesn’t mean just knowing how their oral health needs may differ from adults but also how to approach them and make them comfortable. To become a pediatric dentist one has to receive an extra two to three years of training beyond the standard dental schooling. Many pediatric dentists will practice general dentistry first. All of ours have done this which gives them a particular understanding of both the needs of children and adults. Much of their job revolves not just around dentistry but how best to handle children’s behaviour and to make the experience is positive as possible. They are also well trained and ready to treat any patient with any unusual needs.

What are some dental problems my child could have?

There are some dental issues that can start in early life. One common issue is baby bottle tooth decay. This is a serious problem that is caused by relying on a bottle or breast feeding for too long. Another common problem is gum disease. Roughly 40% of children from the ages of two to three will have moderate swelling in their gum tissue. Poor oral habits like thumbsucking should also be investigated. If these issues are caught early on they are much easier to remedy, so regular dental appointments are highly recommended. Healthy teeth will not only help your child chew easily but will also add to their physical appearance now and down the road.

What makes baby teeth so important?

They are essential because they assist with chewing and eating correctly. They also play an important role in how the child develops their speech patterns and how they look. A child will be much more confident and happy if they are able to speak and chew correctly. When the primary teeth are healthy this allows the jaw bones and muscles to grow strong. This will also allow space for the permanent teeth to grow in correctly in the right places. If primary teeth are lost prematurely then the permanent teeth that replace them can come in incorrectly aligned.

Decaying primary teeth can cause your child a great deal of pain, infections and abscesses can also be spread to their permanent teeth. If damaged teeth are left untreated then your child’s more general health can be adversely affected. It is important to remember that permanent teeth are just that, permanent, if they come in wrong there can be a whole host of issues down the road.

How should I prepare my child for their first visit to the dentist?

We recommend that you prepare them in much the same way that you would for another new experience like their first haircut etc. Reassure them that this will not be a painful or scary experience, and it will help keep them strong and healthy. Make sure to keep them occupied to prevent them from becoming anxious. If they can stay comfortable there experience will be much better for everyone involved.

What about preventative care?

We at Martindale Dental are very focused on preventative care. Afterall it is much easier to stop a problem before it becomes one rather than deal with it later when it is more difficult. We utilize the most up to date sealant techniques to safeguard your child’s teeth. A sealant is an advanced plastic that is bonded to the chewing surface of the tooth to prevent decay. They are however just one tool in an arsenal to combat tooth decay.

What about sterilization?

Your health is our top concern, this is why we use the most advanced sterilization measures. After every single appointment the treatment area is meticulously sterilized. We heat sterilize and ultrasonically clean every tool that is not disposed of. We also wear gloves and masks during every procedure. Maintaining high sanitation standards ensures the health of every patient. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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