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No one likes bad breath, it can be embarrassing and make everyone uncomfortable. Fortunately we have solutions for this problem, the Oravital® system is an easy, effective, safe, and noninvasive treatment for bad breath as well as periodontal disease. First you pay us a visit at the martindale dental fresh breath clinic. Our dentists and dental hygienists will assess your mouth searching for any and all dental issues. A few simple questions about your medical and dental history, like if you have any risk factors or prior conditions that increase the likelihood of gum disease as well as bad breath. We then implement the Oravital® system’s five steps.
1. Screening
First you will be screened with a simple swab. One of our dental professionals will swab your mouth to take samples of the bacteria on your throat, teeth and your tongue. These samples are then sent off to a laboratory which will complete a microbial analysis. This will help us determine if there are any detrimental bacteria that may cause bad breath and gum disease.

2. Treatment
After the results of the screening stage come in the second phase of the Oravital® system treatment, can begin. If the laboratory results conclude that there are damaging bacteria present and they are causing the bad breath and gum issues then it will be treated. First we will recommend an Oravital® antibiotic or antiseptic rinse that is tailor made to focus on ridding your mouth of the infectious bacteria. This rinse is used for roughly two weeks until the damaging bacteria are held at bay and the healthy bacteria have been restored to the natural balance in your mouth.

3. Evaluation
The evaluation phase is simply a follow up appointment to make sure the treatment has been effective as well as to check up on your breath and gums.

4. Maintenance
With proper dental hygiene problems like bad breath and gum disease can easily be stopped before they ever begin. Going to the dentist on a regular basis in combination with keeping a strong oral health routine at home will go a long way in keeping your mouth happy and healthy. There is more to oral care at home than just brushing and flossing regularly, utilising an Oravital® maintenance rinse consistently on a day to day basis will help prevent these problems..

5. Revaluation
Getting in the habit of scheduling appointments on a regular basis to check up on your dental health will stop problems before they become problems. We encourage annual microbial testing to stay ahead of any issues, and to keep your mouth healthy. If any of these destructive bacteria make a return infection could crop up once again. Preventing issues is always preferable to dealing with them after.

A healthy mouth will be better for your body and your confidence. The Oravital® system has a clinical success rate of 85% on average. This makes it an extremely effective tool in the fight against bad breath and moderate gum disease.


Microbial Analysis

Being able to effectively diagnose the problem is absolutely essential in treatment. Knowing as much as possible about the problem allows us to make the best possible decisions for how to handle it. Knowing exactly which bacteria are present and how much there is will indicate to us how high the risk factor is for oral infections or if you already have one. Knowing the specifics help us pinpoint and treat the problem. Our Oravital® system provides an extremely accurate affordable and simple oral microbial analysis.


The Oravital® System offers highly accurate, simple and affordable oral microbial analyses. Here’s how it works:

  • It works by using samples from a swab that capture biofilm, the group of bacteria that reside in your mouth. These samples are then planted on a glass slide which is sent to the Oravital® lab to be examined. The amount of bacteria, the types of bacteria, the levels of yeast, parasites and white blood cells are all inspected. These give critical clues as to the source of the problem which will help us treat it.
  • After the samples have been analysed a comprehensive report is sent to our dental office. After we know the amount and types of bacteria we are able to create a detailed plan to treat the specific problem, restoring your mouth to a healthier state.


Kids & Oral Infection


Parents make very real contributions to their child’s bacterial content. Transferring this is unfortunately inescapable, but knowing this is critical..

Up to 75% of children may currently have detrimental periodontal bacteria. It is not a shock that with the transference of oral bacteria from parent to child that both 75% of children and adults may have gum disease.

A study of 150 children ranging from two to eighteen years old found that 86% had damaging bacteria beneath the gumline. Other studies have concluded that children who have parents that possess these bacteria are ten times more likely to have the same bacteria. This risk is further increased for children who have parents that have clinical evidence of peritonitis. These bacteria live in periodontal pockets as well as oral biofilm. They are able to spread from one person to another through everyday family life.

Both bacteria treatment and management is available through Martindale Dental. We recommend that the entire family should be treated to avoid the spread of these bacteria. After treatment it is essential to keep up with maintenance to prevent an infection from coming back.

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