Meet Dr. Al-Saffar

 Dr. Mays Al-Saffar received her Bachelor in Oral and Dental Surgery from the University of Baghdad in 2000. She has worked in underserviced communities before working as a teaching assistant. She is a life-long learner who enjoys expanding her horizons and moving out of her comfort zone. In addition to her dental degree and training, she earned multiple diplomas and certificates in Human Resource Management, Screenwriting, Film Production, Project Management, Career Guidance and trained on Accounting, Finance, Counseling and reads any book she can get her hands on. In Dubai, she was Vice President for Organizational Development at the prestigious Murdoch University. She attended a leadership program at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard School of Education/ Harvard University in 2013.As diplomat’s daughter; she spent most of her childhood and early adulthood moving from one country to another with her family. She is a global citizen and believes in inclusion, diversity and tolerance.She enjoys all aspects of dentistry particularly working with adults who have dental phobia. She is a very caring and gentle dentist, who loves creating and enhancing beautiful smiles. She is a mother of three girls. She enjoys all forms of art, and has a passion for producing films      


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