Teeth In An Hour in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

Dentistry has now advanced far enough to allow patients missing teeth to have functional good looking teeth implanted in just one session. We at Martindale Dental offer TEETH-IN-AN-HOURâ„¢ which has changed the standard at which we judge dental implants. In the past implants could take from four to six months to be fully completed. Now this procedure can be done in one visit usually running in and around an hour in length. This new technology has been created by Nobel Biocare, and promotes collaboration between the surgeon and the restorative doctor. This allows for more precise implant placement and increased safety. The final implant can also be created prior to the procedure reducing its length.

There are many benefits to the patient including less postoperative pain and discomfort, as well as reduced inflammation and bruising. The majority of patients are able to go back to their regular day to day lives in just a few days. With this breakthrough we are able to restore your smile faster than ever, letting you get back to your life as fast as possible. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation to determine if TEETH-IN-AN-HOURâ„¢ is the right choice for you.

Martindale Dental provides both general and specialty dentistry under one roof.  For more than 20 years, our dentists have been advocates for their patients oral health care needs. Our dental offices are conveniently located in Hamilton (Jackson Square), St Catharines, Burlington and Cambridge, Ontario. We offer convenient appointments before or after work & on weekends.


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