Crowding and Spacing of Teeth

Crowding and Spacing of Teeth in Hamilton (Jackson Square), Burlington, Cambridge and St. Catharines!

Crowding and Spacing of Teeth

When your teeth become crowded it’s due to lack of space for all of the teeth to properly fit. This is overcrowding and needs to be addressed if it’s caused your teeth to become displaced. When your tooth and jaw size do not have a harmonious relationship, you are susceptible to having crowded teeth. Basically put, your teeth are too large to fit in the space available. In addition, early or late loss of your primary teeth and improper tooth eruption can also cause crowding.

What Happens When Crowding Is Present?

  • Enhanced risk of gum disease
  • Dental decay
  • Make one more hesitant to smile or show their teeth
  • Improper teeth function
  • Prevention of proper cleaning of teeth surfaces

Correcting Crowded Teeth With Orthodontics

There are ways to create more space which includes extracting teeth or expanding the arches. Braces will play an important role in fixing the crowded space and helping your teeth to align correctly. Correcting your crowded teeth is critical for a healthy mouth. Periodontal disease and even decaying of your teeth can begin when overcrowding is present because it’s hard to properly eliminate all of the plaque on the teeth.

General Spacing for Teeth

Some people have crowded teeth, while others have a lot of space between teeth, most often people with small teeth. Of course, spacing can also be brought on by missing teeth, abnormal tissue and gum attachment, impacted teeth and even protrusive teeth.

Why Fix Spacing of the Teeth?

  • The teeth don’t have the protection they require so you’re more at risk for gum problems.
  • The teeth cannot function properly.
  • Your smile may not feel as great as you want it to.

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