What to do in Dental Emergency

Martindale Dental located in St. Catharines ON offers the latest in cosmetic and family dentistry. Martindale specializes in dental emergencies which happen quite often. Even Tiger Woods this past week had a mishap where is front tooth was knocked out by a camera man.

Most common dental emergencies that we handle are toothaches, chipped and broken teeth, something wedged between the teeth, or a lost filling. Chipped or broken teeth and sever tooth pain are the most common reasons for emergency calls to the dentist.

When you have a dental emergency the first thing you should do is find a local dentist that can help you with your dental emergency. The unfortunate thing about a dental emergency is when you are missing or have broken teeth that are visible. At Martindale Dental with 5 locations in the Ontario area we are usually able to see you immediately and have your dental emergency fixed the same day.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency here are some tips:
• If you are experiencing throbbing pain, ease the pain with over the counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil.
• Hold an ice pack against your face or on the sore tooth.
• Never use heat because heat will intensify the pain.
• Never ignore tooth pain because it may lead to more serious problems if not handled right away.
• If your tooth is knocked out, place the tooth in distilled water, contact solution or milk to preserve the tissue surrounding the root.
• If tooth is knocked out you need to get to dentist immediately so that it can be replanted if possible.

At Martindale Dental we have the ability to handle all of your dental needs call us today or visit us online if you have a dental question at www.martindaledental.com

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